Olivia Stationery


See the Formats page for an explanation of the

formats and references mentioned below


Each design is an artwork suite which applies a

co-ordinated style to a complete range of

stationery items.   We have a wide variety

covering most periods and styles; almost all

are shown on this site.   Each Design comprises:

front cover (for folding invitations, service books

and menus, with appropriate lettering), invitation

artwork, also used for menu interiors, response card,

place card, thank-you card, letterhead,

place card and gift tag. Other items, such as

save-the-date cards, can be made up using

graphics adapted from one or another of the

components listed above.

Here is a list of the designs, with links to their

individual pages:


Dragon  Erin  Iona  Keltia  St. Columba


Camelot  Isabella  Ivy  Plantagenet


Arabesque  Fable  Laurel




Bees  Bellringers  Harvest  Katrine

Lorien Spring  Lorien Summer  Lorien Autumn

Lorien Winter  Poppy  Rose Heart  Wild Rose

Art Nouveau

Daffodil  Nouveau  Oceania  Rose Nouveau


Charles Rennie Mackintosh


Art Deco

Garbo  Geneva

Each design has a particular typeface* associated

with it. Each of the design pages includes a sample

of the relevant typeface. Use of the associated

typeface is not obligatory; you can change

it to another one at no extra cost.

*The word font is often used for a type-style

(e.g. Bembo, Caslon, Arial). Strictly speaking,

however, a font is a a set of characters,

belonging to a specific typeface, in a particular

size; thus '8-point Arial' and '12-point Arial'

are two distinct fonts of the Arial typeface.

WORDING    General note

All items can be worded in any way you please.

When ordering by post or e-mail, please include

the wording desired either in the body of the

message or as an e-mail attachment (preferably

in Word '.doc' format – not '.docx', please, as our

computer cannot read this format). Our main site

includes an online order form with boxes where

you can type in the wording for each item.

Invitations   These can be worded in any way

you please. We do not undertake to give instructions

for wording, since there are many online and other

sources for these.

Bilingual invitations are a speciality of ours, We

recommend using the 'folding front/interior'

formats, styles E or F, for these, so that the two

texts can balance each other on the two inside

panels. We have typefaces for Greek, Hebrew

and Russian/Cyrillic, together with all the accents

required for French, German, Spanish and the

Scandinavian languages.

For languages which use the Latin alphabet,

there is no extra charge for bilingual typesetting;

for other tongues, add £20.00.

Response cards   The artwork samples show

the normal wording for these, but this can be

modified in various ways at no extra cost; for

example, you can use the response card to

offer your guests menu choices or to find out

if they require special diets or help with

transport or accommodation.

Orders of service    A service card and a

4-page service booklet both allow three pages

for the text of the service or ceremony (the

difference is that the booklet, with its paper insert,

allows for a separate title-page which you can use

to list the people taking part).

 How many pages?   In a normal 4-page booklet

or card there is space to give the full words of up

to three hymns and to list the opening and closing

music, signing-of-register music (if any), readings,

prayers and address, with names of minister,

readers and musicians if required. A full

Roman Catholic Mass, with readings and prayers

set out in detail, usually calls for twelve pages.

(Additional pages always come in groups of four.)
Special notes on American service programs

In the U.S.A., it is apparently normal to include

full details of the participants, giving not only

their names but their relationship to the couple

- ‘Mother of the Bride’, ‘Best Friend of the Groom’

etc. This list usually requires a page to itself

and may well spread over two pages. The details

of the ceremony will normally call for a further

two pages, thus filling the basic insert.

If it is desired to include the text of a reading,

this may have to be printed on the inside back

cover;  allow GBP15.00 (about $24.75) for this

additional work.