Olivia Stationery


A Monogram is a decorative hand-drawn

combination of two initials, one each for bride & groom.

Normally we take the first letter of each person's first

name as it appears in the invitation wording,

placing the bride's initials first. If you want a different

arrangement, please let us know when ordering.


Each design has a style of monogram associated with it,

as shown in the examples in this site and in the brochure.

However, you can borrow a monogram style from

another design, at no extra cost.

Custom monograms   If you want to embellish

your monogram with special artwork (such as

national flowers or flags), ask for a quotation;

prices start from as little as £10 ($16.00).

Monograms as extras   Monograms can be

designed as stand-alone items, supplied as artwork

to be reproduced on napkins, t-shirts, signs etc.

Prices from £15.00 ($24.00).