Olivia Stationery

Interpretations & Cartoons

Prices range between £15.00 and £50.00 (about

$25.00–80.00) according to size and complexity.

As you will see, animal subjects are doubly

welcome – triply, indeed, if they are cats!

For more examples of special artwork, please

visit Oliver Mundy's Pinterest page

Special artwork: lion and horse
Drawn for a wedding at London Zoo
Special artwork: Bichon dogs
Bichon dogs
Special artwork: tabby cat
Squeak the tabby cat
Special artwork: cello motif
Motif for a cellist, with Bach quotation
Special artwork: coach
Coaching fantasy drawn for a U.S. customer
Special artwork: cradle and pets
Guardians of the firstborn!
Special artwork: Eiffel Tower
Art Deco fantasy based on the Eiffel Tower
Special artwork: St Andrews Bridge
Drawn for a professional golfer - footbridge at St Andrews
Special artwork: Hudson Theatre and men
Drawn for a gay wedding in New York
Special artwork: cat and Riley
A cat, a fiddle and a Riley RM (c. 1950)
Special artwork: fish and tortoise
Drawn for my own wedding in 1987!
Special artwork: Victorian train
Special invitation front in style of about 1850
Special artwork: Art Deco train
Another railway fantasy, this one inspired by posters of the 1920s