Olivia Stationery


Choose your design
We offer a choice of 32 design suites in the style of
various periods. For a list, with links to pages
ilustrating each design, click here.
Choose your material and ink
This page includes details and images of all the materials
and ink colours available.
Choose your items
See Formats for a description of the various items we
offer and the distinction between the different styles
of Invitation, Response Card, Menu and Order of
(Note the reference letters, A to Y, which
distinguish the various items and formats.)
You may well need two separate invitations (one for
people invited to the ceremony and the reception,
one of those invited only to the reception) or even
three if you are having an afternoon reception and
an evening party as well as the ceremony itself.
Choose your quantities
When deciding how many invitations to order,
remember that normally you need only one per
household. On the other hand, you need to allow
some extras to cover spoilage and last-minute
inspirations. It is far better to order too many
than too few.
If you have to come back to us
later for a reprint we wil have to charge
setting-up costs which will not apply if you
simply increase the original print run.

We can supply a detailed quotation, so that you
will know in advance exactly what the costs will be.
Either e-mail us with as much detail as possible
of your requirements, or visit the quotation page
in our main website; this consists of a form with
boxes and drop-down menus which will guide
you through the whole process. Unfortunately we
cannot create a similar form here, because of the
limitations of space and format on this site.

If you feel you are ready to place a definite order
and to pay a deposit (normally £75.00): –
Method 1
E-mail us with your requirements in as much detail
as possible; we will reply by e-mail, setting out the
specification and prices and including payment
instructions for the deposit
Method 2
Visit the order form page in our main website
and complete the form, which is similar to the
quotation form mentioned above. (Again, it is
impossible to reconstruct this online form within
the limits of the present site.)

If you have already had a quotation and wish to
convert it into a firm order, simply e-mail us to
this effect (using the e-mail link under Method 1
above)  and we will send a confirmation and
payment link.

Split orders
Perhaps you are ready to order invitations but do
not yet know the wording or numbers for such items
as menus or service booklets. These can be
ordered separately later on. Your artwork will be
kept on file at least until the wedding date, so that
we can ensure that any items ordered later will be
a perfect match to your original stationery..