Olivia Stationery



Large or Small   Items described as Large are A5 size

(210 x 148.5mm); Small items are A6 (148.5 x

105mm). For items which do not conform to either

size, we give the exact dimensions.

Folding items   For these, the size given is the size

after folding.

Imprints   On the backs of invitations, menus and

the covers of service cards & booklets, we normally

place an imprint comprising design name, copyright

notice, business name and contact details. The back

panel is otherwise blank, so that the imprint does not

interfere with the artwork. It covers an area 8mm x

30mm. Here is a sample imprint: —


Formats - invitations
Formats - thank-you & place cards
Formats - order of service
Formats - letterhead & gift tag


Invitations are available in a choice of six styles:

A small single-sided, B large single-sided,

C small folding printed front only, D large folding

printed front only, E small folding printed front &

interior, F large folding printed front & interior.

In styles A to D the artwork consists of the

'invitation interior' graphic with the text set within

it; style E & F have the 'invitation front' graphic on

the front and the 'invitation interior' on the inside

right-hand panel.

Response card   Small, printed one side. Supplied

with matching envelope. Note that if you order small

invitations with response cards, the invitation enve-

lope and the response-card envelope will be exactly

the same size, so that the latter will have to be folded

in half to fit inside the invitation envelope.

Two styles: G with unprinted envelope; H with reply

address and monogram printed on envelope

Thank-you card (style I)   Small, printed one side.

Supplied with matching envelope.

Save-the-date card (style J)   Small, printed one

side. Supplied with matching envelope. Graphics are

usually based on those for the response card.

Letterhead (style K)  Large. Supplied with matching

envelope (114 x 162mm).

Presentation card (style L)   Normally 52 x 74mm,

although this is flexible.  Essentially this is an update

of the Victorian ‘calling card’ or ‘visiting card’ - like

a small business card, printed with name[s],

address and optional telephone/e-mail details.

It can also be used as an insert to accompany an

invitation, giving brief extra information such as

directions to the wedding venue, notes on

transport or accommodation, etc.

Service sheet master (style M)  This has the

same content as a service card but is supplied as

either a high-resolution image or a print-out (2 sheets)

on white paper, so that you can have it printed yourself.

Service booklet cover (style N)   Large folded.

Front panel printed with decorative title (normally

ORDER OF SERVICE), plus couple's names, church/

venue name, date, and (if applicable) monogram

and church/venue drawing.

Service card (style O)   Large folded.   Design on

front panel including names, place and date;  text of

service on interior panels (concluded on back if


Service booklet   Large folded.   Decorative ORDER

OF SERVICE on front.   Insert on matching paper with

text of service;  the first insert page is normally

treated as a title-page (with graphics similar to

the 'Invitation interior' artwork).

Three styles, depending on no. of pages of insert:

P 4 pages, Q 5–8 pages, R 9–12 pages.

Menu   Three styles: S cover only (similar to Style

N service-book cover; T large single-sided;

U large folding, printed front & interior.

Place card (style V)   70 x 95mm. Folded across

so as to stand up on a table. Names and date on

one side; optional message on the other.

Space for writing in guest's name.

Gift tag (style X)   30 x 70mm, double-sided.

Drilled for attachment to cake-boxes,

favours, gifts etc.

Table plan (style Y)   A3 (420 x 297mm).

Includes guests' names. May also include a

diagram of the tables themselves, although

this depends on the number of names that

has to be accommodated.